The Story Behind TODAY Show’s Financial Editor Jean Chatzky

Our conversation with Jean Chatzky was right on the money! It was amazing to hear her inspiring story.


Besides the fact that she’s a financial wizard, what is Jean’s story behind her climb to success? You may be surprised that she started out as an English major and had a few stumbles before she came into her own. Listen as Jean inspires and educates with her perspective on life and practical tips for making the most of your money, even if you don’t think you have enough.

8.30.17 Jean Chatzky social

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Money on Our Minds

It’s time to think green.

3.15 Money Matters

St. Patrick Day is this week, but Judy Goss and I were tackling the pesky, sometimes frustrating topic of money this week on What Women Want Talk Radio with guests Monica Shah & Ronit Rogoszinski.

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