In Thanksgiving for Our Bodies

If you‚Äôre dieting right now, you might be dreading the next few months. ¬†As soon as the pumpkin spice lattes start getting poured, it seems like the season of packing on the pounds begins. ¬†The word ‚Äúfestive‚ÄĚ alludes to feast, and it‚Äôs a time of year that people with weight concerns experience a lot of added pressure.

I recently spoke with Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin about being body-positive, no matter what size we are.

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“A Dose of Jane”

“A Dose of Jane”

Jane Bishop, our guest on What Women Want Talk Radio, has a blog. Need a “dose of Jane”? Follow her! ūüôā

Jane's Jottings

In June, I had the opportunity to be interviewed live on the What Women Want LATalk Radio Show hosted by Judy Goss and co-host Kristin West. The theme was ‚ÄúGoing After Your It!‚ÄĚ (Listen to show here: ¬†It was a fun and energetic conversation with Judy and Kristin. ¬†Near the end of the interview, Kristin remarked, ‚Äúyou have such an infectious energy. If we need a dose of Jane, how do we find you?‚ÄĚ ¬†

‚ÄúA dose of Jane‚ÄĚ resonated with me as it describes my approach with life in a creative way. And those who know me know I am all about thinking outside the box! ¬†If there is a skill, tool, lesson or resource in my portfolio of life experiences that can help someone achieve their objective, I want to share it. ¬†I strive to listen, learn and connect with others, so if a ‚Äúdose of‚Ķ

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Congratulations Amy Newmark & CSSE

When a woman I’ve met succeeds at achieving her goals, it makes me hopeful. Congratulations to Amy Newmark of Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment! CSSE is now trading publicly on NASDAQ. I had the honor of speaking with Amy on What Women Want Talk Radio¬†a few months back with Judy Goss! Amy is a shining example of leadership and vision.Her entertainment company has been making headlines today and I am so happy for her success.

amy newmark naddaq
Amy Newmark at the opening bell of NASDAQ 8/18/2017, debuting Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment (CSSE).  Photo courtesy of NASDAQ Official Facebook Page. 


Check out this stellar interview with Amy Newmark  here.

We All Get Trapped in the Linen Cabinet

My day started off with a faint scratching.  It was cat claws on something, a milder version of the cringe-worthy nails-on-a-chalkboard sound.

“Catty, what are you doing?”

Nothing.  Silence.

I sip my coffee and begin to deal with notifications:  Facebook, Twitter, heaps of crap email.

That sound again.

“Catty, what ARE YOU DOING?”

I look around and no cat creating chaos.  I looked in on the cat box.  No cat creating a mess.  I looked around the living room where the cat sometimes rebels and poos anyway.  No mess.  I sit back down on the couch.

Nails-on-chalkboard sound.  CRINGE.


A faint mew.


I look around, doing a 360.  No cat in his usual spots.


A faint mew.

I open the linen cabinet. ¬†Mercury, sitting atop a pile of towels, stares at me. ¬†Somehow, when I was putting the towels away late last night, I had failed to notice he had gotten in there, and apparently spent the night there. ¬†I had serious cat mom guilt. ¬†I’ve spent most of the day hugging and petting this little guy.

I won’t be able to ascertain how long Mercury wanted to actually spend in the linen cabinet versus how much time he was actually trapped in there. ¬† However, I’ve come to appreciate something very important. ¬†Sometimes cries for help are faint. ¬†It was that soft mew that led me to him. ¬†If our furry friends have this issue, then certainly our human friends do too. ¬†We have to be better listeners and curious listeners, not just listening for the sake of hearing, but listening for the sake of learning and hopefully, helping.

Everyone has their own linen cabinet. ¬†For some it’s depression and for some, a rarely-spoken-of trauma. ¬†Some spend a lot of time in the dark, just waiting for a door to open. ¬†If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, are you listening closely enough? ¬†Are you giving them space to be heard?

Reeling in Our Focus

6.28 Reeling In Your Focus SOCIAL

There are so many distractions.  Sometimes, in our hectic lives, we have competing priorities, which can make focusing even harder.  This past week on What Women Want Talk Radio, Judy Goss and I had guests Christine Hassler and Nancy Ganzekaufer, who coached us on how to make our lives more reflective of our deeply held priorities.  If you’ve been overwhelmed by your to-do list or suffering from a bad case of analysis paralysis, you’ll find the candor of Christine and Nancy refreshing.

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Sometimes I Press the “Random” Button

Sometimes not everything is peachy in Kristin-land. ¬†I have my ups and downs. ¬†There’s that catchphrase, “The struggle is real.” ¬†Well, the stupid is real too and some days are full of very real and very consequential stupid.

fml bitmoji

I have had to learn how to manage a few roller coaster situations ¬†in the last few months. ¬† I’ve had to work on checking in with myself and I’ve found a surprising source of happy-my Tumblr. ¬†My Tumblr has been godsend the past few months.

My Tumblr consists of mostly things I find fun, interesting and make me happy. ¬†I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pressed the “Random” button, seen a photo I’ve long forgotten and broken into a smile. ¬†It’s my happy bank.

tumblr screen shot

There’s a lot of rancor on social media. ¬†It’s the zeitgeist. ¬†However, I think we all need a little digital happy place, one that we don’t feel the need to impress too much or grow following, just a space to let those memories that make us happy “be”. ¬†If I were craftier, I’d scrapbook, but then I’d have to carry it around everywhere. ¬† Considering my penchant for mislaying things, it’s probably best that my happy bank is digitized.

My point is, sometimes life hits hard. ¬†It may be difficult to see the blessings. ¬†You may be barraged by stupid. ¬†When those times come, it’s important to remember the good times. ¬†Fill your happy bank and your heart will always be full of gratitude when you need it most. ¬†For me, it’s a small space on Tumblr. ¬†Explore what works for you.