Grab My Pussy! NFT Air Drop

Want to start your NFT collection this holiday season?


No…but collect this Psychedelikitty and a a few of her furry friends. You must have a Voice.Com Account to redeem.

Follow me on Voice at @kristinwest and @thebank too! And don’t forget to share my blog with other NFT enthusiasts so they can grab my kitty too. More drops coming throughout the holiday season!


Seahorses in Space

This week I took a big step in my NFT journey and minted my first major collection. I’ve always had a fascination with the ocean and space and I love merging the two spaces in a fun, quirky way.

Catch the whole collection on OpenSea.

You can shop the whole collection on OpenSea. These are a fun NFT to add to your collection and are priced at .01 ETH (+/- $30 USD). I’d appreciate a LIKE of the art, even if you are not inclined to purchase at this time.